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Tech Zillah is an official source of news, but runs editorial pieces on the site. This means that we are dedicated to bringing you interesting content that is informative and fun. If this sounds like something you would love to be a part of then continue reading!

We are currently looking for people who can Tech write for us about anything they want, as long as it’s related to gaming. We will consider any work sent our way, whether it be written by professionals or amateurs so don’t worry if English isn’t your first language or if you’ve never had any training in journalism before. What better way to learn than with Tech Zillah!

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Why Guest Post with us?

Writing content to be published on other blogs and Tech websites is a good way to achieve the results you want. It can help you get more traffic, backlinks and social shares. You can simply guest post on high PR sites for instant success too. This is one of the easiest ways to build authority quickly and gain quick exposure at the same time.

Guest posting not only benefits your SEO efforts but also helps drive targeted traffic to your website or blog . However, there are several pitfalls that you should avoid while writing guest posts:

1) Not spending enough time researching:

Spending enough time researching about the site which you’re going to publish the article is very crucial…If you just submit any rubbish article without doing any research or without taking care of the quality of your content, then you won’t be able to build any relationship with the blogger who is going to publish your article.

2) Not providing enough value through your articles:

If you just try to submit articles for the sake of links building then it will not work for you…You need to think about “How can I bring more value” instead of just thinking about how I can get some high pr backlinks…

3) Not following the submission guidelines:

There are several websites which don’t allow authors to submit guest posts without submitting their own sites first , so you should always follow the submission guidelines before submitting an article. If you’ll fail do so, then it’s quite obvious that your article will not be published.

4) Not sticking to the topic:

If you’ll write an article about a different topic than what was agreed upon, then it can lead to an automatic rejection…The site owner who is willing to publish your guest post may also think that you’re just trying to promote some other sites and not really interested in providing value through their blog.

5) Not following SEO guidelines:

We all know very well that search engines like Google give more ranking preference those websites which have quality contents and follow the SEO rules and regulations properly…If you’ll submit articles on blogs which are having low-quality content, then it’s highly likely that your posts won’t perform well on search engines . So, try to focus on high-quality sites only.

6) Not providing a link back to your website:

No matter how good the article you submit is, but if you don’t add a link back it will never help in gaining more targeted traffic…If you’re submitting guest posts on high pr blogs then there are really great chances that your post may get indexed very quickly by search engines. In such cases, if your post doesn’t have a do follow link then Google and other search engines may not consider it as an authoritative resource or site. That’s why you should always include one do follow link at the end of every article that you write for publication purposes.

7) Not promoting your articles properly:

Promoting your guest posts is another great way to get more traffic, social shares and links…You should always try using PPC (pay per click) services if you really want to gain quick exposure through guest posts. But make sure that you’re adding your affiliate links in the PPC ads instead of plain links or else it can reduce the credibility of your blog/website.

8) Not including images with every article:

Images are one of the most important elements which can help attract more people towards your content …Blogging experts always recommend including at least one image within every 500 words while writing a guest post . It can help grab reader’s attraction and give them clear idea about what they’ll learn from the article. So, don’t forget to add images to your guest posts.

9) Not using the right anchor text:

While writing your links you should never use generic or naked URLs because search engines like Google always give more preference to those links that have some meaning behind them…If you’ll just submit a link without giving it any specific name i.e. not including the right anchor text, then there are really great chances that search engine may ignore it . So, be very careful about it and always include the best possible anchor texts while submitting links through guest posts.

10) Not having an internal link within your article:

SEO experts always recommend linking out to other relevant articles within your own posts instead of linking out from other postsInternal linking is really important as well if you really want to get the most out of your blog posts…In fact, it can help attract more traffic from within your own blog or website and increase the value of every post. So, don’t forget to add internal links in your guest posts as well.

Rules and Tips for Publishing

  • Have a catchy headline that will draw the reader’s attention.
  • Make sure to include your keywords in the title to make it easily found by search engines.
  • Write an introduction about what you are writing about and why your audience should read this article.
  • Try to get straight to the point in the first paragraph, without too much fluff or filler words.
  • Include a small bio of yourself at the bottom of your article if there is space for one, either with a picture or just text. Keep it short and sweet but still informative so that any interested readers would know where they might find more information from you online or offline.
  • If you have a link or site address already planned, add it here and make sure to bold and italicize it.
  • Space breaks or subheadings between paragraphs will break up your article nicely and keep the reader interested and reading.
  • Make sure that your article is well-written, free of any grammar errors, and flows smoothly from one paragraph to the next.
  • Use bullet points when necessary to organize information such as steps or parts of a list. You can also use asterisks *around* words for emphasis if you desire. Be careful not to overuse the **bold** or ***italics*** options though because they look unprofessional in written text. Avoid using ALL CAPS unless you are shouting out loud which should only be used sparingly anyway to convey emotion so other readers don’t find it irritating. [In written text shouting with all caps is not a good idea].
  • Shouting in writing should be used only sparingly because readers find irritation in reading shouting when they are meant to read content which can be informative or educational.
  • The second example shows where the focus needs to be on what you are trying to say, rather than how you think it might sound best if written down. Using too many options will also suggest indecisiveness so try and stick with one option if possible. If using two just make sure that there is a great difference between them to show why both were included in the article. For instance: “I could go swimming today OR I could paint my living room.”
  • When proofreading your article, try to avoid skipping over any words that don’t seem necessary to read. If they’re there, they must have a reason so it’s best just to go with it and move on instead of trying to figure out what the sentence is trying to say without them because you could actually be making mistakes this way.
  • It’s important not to use too many commas in one sentence either for similar reasons as using too may options. It can make the text difficult to read and therefore less likely for someone else to take the time reading it. The same goes again for colons which often tend also to be used incorrectly. The main purpose that they serve is mainly before lists or explanations (and sometimes even then)