What are the best features of restaurant POS software?

What are the best features of restaurant POS software?

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It takes more than just the ability to provide good food to run a restaurant. Experienced restaurant owners understand that running a successful restaurant requires a diverse set of administrative, management, and marketing skills.

There are tons of features that every restaurateur—from quick tableside service all the way to fine dining — should look for while choosing restaurant point of sale software.

A Fast-Food Restaurant POS Software Must Have These 5 Features

1. Online Ordering

In the face of COVID-19, online ordering has become popular. Order volumes have increased dramatically as an increasing number of clients prefer to order from fast-food outlets. This necessitates effective management of online orders, which can be accomplished with the help of good POS software.

The online order integration function of POS software allows it to take orders from a variety of platforms directly at the POS terminal. Furthermore, it automatically syncs and stores all data in a central database, making it available from any device.

2. Integration with CRM

Satisfying customers is everything in the restaurant industry. They must be looked after, and their comments must be taken seriously in order for the restaurant to succeed. As a result, a good point-of-sale system should be able to capture and store client data in a central location.

CRM data can be used to better understand changing consumer preferences and adapt new sales and marketing strategies as needed. Based on their order history, a fast-food restaurant can tell a customer by SMS, email, or in-app notifications about a new dish that has just been added to the menu.

3. Analytics & Reporting

Every restaurant, especially fast-food restaurant, needs to know the exact volume of daily sales and revenue. Maintaining a close eye on the restaurant’s records allows you to make informed business decisions and take cautious risks.

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4. Cloud Telephony

Managing multiple online order requests becomes more difficult when a large volume of orders arrive. Customers may abandon your business as a result of long wait times. As a result, the implementation of cloud telephony would be an essential element of your POS terminals.

When the first line is busy, the cloud telephony function switches the call to the next available line until the client’s call is accepted, guaranteeing that each customer is attended to. It also allows you to see the call history for each order as well as the time it took to accept each one.

5. Inventory management

Simply asking a restaurant owner or manager about inventory control management will elicit an immediate response — for most, it is a source of great dread. Those who have been successful in employing adequate inventory reporting and control, on the other hand, will demonstrate that this is how they make money.

Some may argue that inventory control management is an essential function in any restaurant POS system. The reason for this is that they believe inventory management is the misery of restaurateurs’ lives. However, these restaurant owners or managers will need inventory management if they want to know how much their food costs, what their profit margins are, and how much food they have on hand.

The majority of high-quality POS software includes inventory management. As a result, there is no justification for not implementing inventory management. It’s as simple as subtracting the count from your inventory figures during a sale.

Don’t worry if you need or want to get granular; inventory management can provide you with precisely specified figures as well. Most systems include connectors, and you can even have your POS system tailored to track your products utilizing more advanced stock platforms.

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The bottom line is that when selecting a POS system, make sure it has an inventory management capability built-in or the ability to link with a system that does.

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