What Are Some Things I Should Ask My Window Contractor

What Are Some Things I Should Ask My Window Contractor?

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If you’re considering window replacement, there are a variety of questions you should ask the window companies in Edmonton so you’re better informed.

Window installation is a renovation project that might stretch the budget of many homeowners, and because of that, there are a variety of important questions you should be asking the window companies in Edmonton because you settle on one. No matter how much money you’re spending on a window, it could end in a disaster if the window company doesn’t do a proper job.

Inexperienced window installers can run into all sorts of different issues during the installation process, and you’ll want to avoid that when you’re going to be spending thousands of dollars to purchase new windows. Sometimes window contractors will:

  • Increase the prices from what the initial quote stated
  • Take a longer period of time to install the windows
  • Not install the windows properly

No matter what, you’ll want to be informed of what questions to ask your window contractor.

Do You Charge A Fee For Inspection Or Estimates?

When you’re looking around for a window contractor, one of the first questions you should ask if if they charge for an estimate or inspection. Most of them don’t, but if they do end up charging for it, you’ll want to be aware of it so that you can budget accordingly.

Are You Involved With Any Trim Work?

Ask your window contractor if they also deal with work related to the interior and exterior trim of the windows. Some contractors don’t include that in their quotes when they are pricing out the job, and some don’t even do that work, period. You’ll want to figure this out because it has to get done at some point, whether it’s done from the window contractor themselves or from a carpenter.

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What Are Your Terms Of Payment?

Always ensure that you ask the contractor what their terms of payment are. Some things to ask are:

  • Am I expected to pay the entire fee up-front?
  • Do I pay only once the project is complete?
  • What methods of payment do you take?

The method of payment might seem like a small thing to ask, but it’s important to know.


You should always know much experience a window contractor has. It’s helpful to know if the window contractor has a year of experience or a decade of experience. If a window contractor only started installing windows last week and has never done a successful job, then you might want to stick with a contractor that has a little more experience under their belt so that you know who to trust with your money. 

You should also keep in mind that the more experience a window contractor has, the higher rates they will charge. Some window manufacturers provide certification on windows that they manufacture. This certification can prove that their crew of workers can get the job done efficiently.

Are You Able To Provide Samples Of Work You’ve Done In The Past?

It always helps to see past samples of work the window contractor has done. If the contractor is reputable, they shouldn’t have a problem in providing this. If the window contractor you’re considering isn’t able to provide this, then that could be a red flag. 

Most reputable window contractors will have a website that you can easily visit to view a gallery of their photos. Some of them will have testimonials that display reviews from past customers. Big window contractors will have a detailed list of reviews from past clients they have worked with.

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Who is Will Be Doing The Installation?

Depending on the company you’re working with, the salesperson you’ve spoken with on the phone might not be involved at all throughout the installation. For smaller companies, the owner might be the one you’ll be dealing with every step of the way. Regardless, ask who will be present when the windows are being installed in your home. Sometimes contractors work with subcontractors, and some will have a crew of their own. 

How Long Will The Window Installation Take?

Ensure to ask your window contractor how long the window installation will take. Replacing every window in your home will take much longer than just one window. You’ll want to provide detailed instructions for the window contractor replacing your windows. If you find a window contractor that is very vague in terms of their pricing, that might be a red flag. A window installation that isn’t planned out properly can end up adding to your frustration.

Does Weather Cause Delays?

Another thing to ask your contractor is if the weather can cause delays in your window installation. Ask the contractor if they work through all seasons of the year. Many people can’t wait until summer to get windows installed, and it helps to know that if you need window replacement right away.

Do You Keep My Home Protected During Window Installation?

The window installation process can become quite messy from one project to the next. Not all contractors have the same process in terms of how they keep your home protected during the procedure. Ask the contractor what preventative measures they take in keeping your home clean and tidy while they install your windows.

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