Tricks to lower your Internet Bill

Tricks to lower your Internet Bill

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Is your internet or cable bill starting to look a lot higher than what you have signed for? Are you experiencing a bill more than you can afford? Well, you are not the only one going through this tragedy. Many American cable TV and internet services companies employ a shell game of time-limited promotion and low bills only to throw a hard-to afford bill to customers face few months after getting them subscribed to the company service. The Biden administration has asked the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) to address the issues of what is advertised and what is service. By labeling the broadband service with “nutrition label”. A label that you with packaged food. But we all know that change like this will requires a lot of time. 

Therefore, in the meantime, we will take you to some of the ways to reduce your internet and cable TV bill. 

Try to switch providers

If you want to find about all the available service providers specific to your zip code all you need to do is visit the website BuyTvInternetPhone. The website’s database provides all the options available in your area along with details of how much speed they offer, pricing, and packages. The heavy user’s tablets, phones, and computers require a download speed of at least 100 Mbps and upload speed of 10 Mbps. 

When putting your zip code in the code bar you will have an understanding of your options. If you are lucky enough to have more than one option in your area, you can choose the one that suits your budget. For example, if your choices include Spectrum Internet Charlotte then you do not need to settle on anything else. Spectrum provides high-speed internet service with amazing and affordable packages for users of all types. Not only has this but Spectrum cable TV service brought the best home entertainment just the way you want.

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Just threaten to drop the service

If changing the internet and cable TV service is not an option for you then we have more tricks to offer. Many internet service providers would rather reduce your bill instead of losing you as a customer. Trust us, we have tried these ourselves. All you need to do is call and threaten to quit the service. A threatening call of yours can trigger some people in the customer-retention department and you might find this trick working in your favor. If you start getting calls from the customer retention department you can ask them for access to the latest promotional offer in your area. However, do not be nasty. Just make sure you are subtle with this trick or else you might find the trick not doing you any favors. 

The emergency broadband benefit

During the coronavirus outbreak, many Americans faced a financial crisis. It is hard to comprehend let alone recover from it. In order to help those who were economically hurt during the coronavirus outbreak, the federal government is offering to pay $50 each month for internet bills. If you have lost the ways to earn monthly in the past year then you could apply to the emergency broadband benefit program and similar discount programs. You just need to keep in mind that these programs will not stay forever. 

If you can prove that you have a low income, you might be offered other options- but you have to settle with low internet speed. Government offers another program called the Lifeline. Lifeline offers connections at a very low price. Other than, this Comcast is offering an internet essential package for $10 per month for Americans that meet certain criteria required by the company. 

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Spectrum, one of the leading internet service providers in America also offers high-speed internet at an affordable price via Spectrum Internet Assist. (read more here)

Time to have your own modem and router

When you purchase an internet package then you need two sources of hardware: a router and a modem. Most companies offer their own hardware and even set them up in your house, however, they charge you to rent the devices from $10 to $25 per month.

One easy way to get out of this renting debacle is by purchasing your own router and modem. You can often find these products refurbished and for less money. 

Cut some slack

The past year has been hard for many Americans. In such times, finding ways to limit your internet and cable TV bill can help you in recovering from the crisis. 

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