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Data Science is a rapidly growing field as every organization has some kind of data that is very useful for the organization. With the increase in technologies and innovations, the demand for data scientists is on the rise and well-reputed organizations offer a handsome salary to the role of a data scientist. Women are also doing great in this field and the contribution of women in Data Science is huge. The Analytics insights of 2021 have listed the top 10 women Data Scientists of India who are doing great in this field and who are experienced in this field for an average of more than 5 years. In this article, we will learn more about those top 5 women Data Scientists and see how their skills worked for them to be successful Data Scientists.

Usha Rengaraju

Usha Rengaraju is a data scientist with more than seven years of industrial experience and she is one of the top data scientists in India. She is currently working at Sum Modelling as a data scientist. She has a specialization in probabilistic graphical models. She has strong foundations in Finance, Economics, Psychology, and Business-related fields such as Business Analytics, Business Foundations. She also possesses skills such as writing and public speaking. She is also a sports lover and she has been a champion athlete twice in National games. Usha Rengaraju is a strong advocate for neurodiversity and she organized India’s first Neurodiversity conference as Neurodiversity India Summit 2020. She also organized several conferences and summits in India and one of them is NeuroAI in the interface of Neuroscience and Data Science.

She also developed the Data Science course curriculum for BITS Pilani. She is always participating in technical fests at various popular platforms such as Google Cloud Next 18, Indo Data Week, DevFest, and PyLadies. She has over 31 certifications in Data Science and she mastered this field and became a Data Scientist. She is very fond of competitive Data Science and she has also mastered Kaggle and called Kaggle GrandMaster.

She is a part of several communities like Women in Machine Learning and Data Science (WIMLDS – Mysore, and Bangalore), Women in Data Science Ambassador (WiDS Mysore), and TensorFlow User Group (TFUG Mysore).

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She has been a speaker at several conferences like Pycon India, GHCI, ODSC, Indo Data Week, and more.

She has worked with well-known organizations like Infosys, NeoEYED, Infinite Sum Modelling, Temenos, and MCG.

She has also a very impressive followers base on LinkedIn with 24,210 people as followers and she has also contributed her repositories to platforms like GitHub, Medium, etc.

Prasiddhi Menon

She is a data scientist with more than 8 years of experience in Business Intelligence, Statistical Modelling, Machine Learning, and Consulting. She has experience in Large Customer Sales (LCS) Ads and Data Analytics.

When she started her career, she was working with Deloitte Consultant as a Business Technology Analyst and she worked with multiple companies who were fortune 100 companies from the Pharmaceutical and Medications field. She helped the businesses to grow by helping them in Forecasting requirements, business warehousing, and reporting. In this role, she worked with clients from Ireland and Germany.

After working with Deloitte as a Business Technology Analyst, she worked with Allonzy Marketing as a Data Scientist. In this role, she focussed on Marketing Analytics. By working with Allonzy Marketing, she developed her interest in Data Analyst and she started working in this field.

After working with Allonzy Marketing for more than one year, she was a part of EY Advisory. She worked for innovation areas of Anomaly detection and Natural Language Processing in financial services. She is always curious to conduct technical training and sessions for people to spread knowledge. She also worked on Kaggle for practicing Machine Learning and to make growth in her career. From Consultant as a Data Scientist to Senior Consultant, she served EY Advisory for more than 2 years.

And now she is working is Google on LCS Ads operation Analytics. Her work is to create strategies and handle operations with business leads to find the challenges and develop plans to handle those challenges. Her job is to design and implement the data infrastructure needed to solve the challenges that come in business.

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Manisha Dhingra

Manisha Dhingra is another Data Scientist among the top 10 women data scientists in India. She completed her graduation from Birla Institute of Technology and Science in 2013. And after completing her graduation, her first step towards the data science field was by doing an internship at Innovation labs. After her internship period, she started doing the job as a Software Development Engineer at Microsoft. She gave her services to Microsoft for around 2 years and after that, she switched her organization to Swiggy, and there she worked for more than 5 years as a Software Developer. Her role was to design, code, and complete the applications and operations at Swiggy in Java, Spring framework.

Currently, she is working with Microsoft as a Data Scientist role and her role is to design and implement ML/statistical Models and the business building operations for the organization in data science products.

She is from a coding background as she worked as a Software Developer. She has specializations in Machine Learning, predictive modelling, artificial intelligence, data science, SQL, and programming languages such as HTML, PHP, and Perl.


Supriya Raman

She is one of the top 10 women Data Scientists in India in 2021. Supriya Raman has over 15 years of experience in the field of Data Science. She is proficient in designing and developing statistical and predictive machine learning models which are very useful to find the patterns and in the extraction of useful data. Currently, she is working with JPMorgan as a Lead Data Scientist and she is also the Vice President of the organization JPMorgan. She started her career in DXC Technology as Module Lead where she worked for 4 years. After working with DXC Technology, she started working with iGATE Global Solutions as a Technical Lead. She worked for more than 3 years with iGATE Global Solutions. Her job was to lead the technical team and develop solutions in analytics and statistics for the technical teams.

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After working with iGATE Global Solutions, she started working as a Data Analytics Lead at ANZ where she worked on multiple projects of Data Science and Machine Learning.

After serving more than 7 years at ANZ, she joined Levi Strauss & Co. as a Data Scientist where she designed and developed predictive models to detect patterns and find relevant data insights for the organization.

Currently, she is working with JPMorgan in multiple roles. She is also a Vice President of the company. Her other role is Lead Data Scientist at JPMorgan Chase & Co. Ultimately we can say that she is a successful Data Scientist.



Ishita Mathur

Ishita Mathur is currently working as a Data Scientist at epiFi where her role is to build next-gen banking solutions for India. She has been working as a Data Scientist for more than 5 years with product-based companies and startups.

Before she started working with epiFi, she worked with Gojek Tech as a Data Scientist in Bengaluru where she worked on multiple projects such as ride-sharing, food delivery domains, and responsibilities related to the development of Machine Learning Projects for the organization. She worked on the project of GoFood Search, in which she was working on providing relevant search results to the customers or users. The motive of the project was to give personalized food results to the users to make it easy for them to quickly find the restaurants and dishes that they are searching for.

She also worked with Delhivery as a Data Scientist for more than one year where she worked on three projects with the team to find solutions to business and optimization problems in the logistics industry. She has gathered as much knowledge as possible in the field of Data Science and still, she is working as a Data Scientist at epiFi.

She completed practising modelling in High-Performance Computing with Data Science from the University of Edinburgh, the United Kingdom in 2016. After her Master’s she started doing internships and jobs in the field of Data Science.

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