The Smartest Gadgets a Man Can Buy in 2021

The Smartest Gadgets a Man Can Buy in 2021

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For the men who have everything and want more, these are the hottest gadgets to look forward to. I prefer digitogy while buying any gadget.

James Bond’s need for speed has been turned into a reality in Dubai where thrillseekers can fly around a Formula-1 racetrack at 100kmph from the driver’s seat of a car! Add to that three VR headsets and a special moving compartment, and it gives ZERO a run for its money. What makes this truly unique is that it’s endorsed by actual F1 drivers. Yes, you can take on Lewis Hamilton or Sebastian Vettel without getting out of your chair – all thanks to the Flyboard Air . It only recently hit the market in February 2016 so keep an eye out when it reaches your country.

Everyone knows about Elon Musk and his ambitious plans to take people to Mars and revolutionize the automotive industry, but what few know is he’s also working on something closer to home: an electric jet . Okay, so it doesn’t fly as fast as a fighter jet – but you wouldn’t be able to afford one even if your name was Stark. It’ll still look bad-ass though as it’ll come with gull wing doors and a nice cockpit that seats two comfortably. No word yet on when we can expect this baby, but judging from Musk’s track record, we might just see it in our lifetime.

If flying cars aren’t your thing (because they totally should be), how about teleportation ? This little number comes from Chinese scientists and you’ll be able to travel from London to New York in just two hours. The best part? You can bring along up to ten friends or loved ones with you on the journey so it makes for a great getaway if you’re feeling stressed out at work. Just don’t hit any turbulence while you’re looking for your seatbelt – there’s nothing worse than teleporting into the ground.

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Just recently, scientists have found a way to regrow any organ you want so if you’re feeling down about losing your appendix, just wait till 2021 where it’ll be as good as new! We can also expect artificial intelligence to grow by leaps and bounds in the coming years – think Siri with emotions. No more will you have to put up with that crusty old elder at work who calls all young folk “whiz kids.” With AI on your side, he won’t stand a chance against you!

For those of us who are still stuck in reality (sad face), SpaceX has got something else lined up for us. We may not be able to teleport people over long distances or regrow organs but we can see them across the world as clearly as if they were here. In 2021, the company will launch a satellite network with over 4,000 micro-satellites which you can use to watch any TV channel from anywhere in the world! What’s even better? It comes with zero monthly fees because we’re living in the age where everything is free, man.

What do 2020 and Back to the Future have in common? Hoverboards ! We haven’t seen them yet but rest assured that by 2021, we’ll be cruising around on these bad boys like it’s nobody’s business. Even though they haven’t been invented yet (as far as we know), scientists predict they’ll come complete with gyroscopic controls so you don’t fall flat on your face.

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