Test De Velocidad Orange

Test De Velocidad Orange

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Orange is a telecommunications operator that uses ADSL and fiber optics to provide broadband services of 20, 50 and 100 megabytes. At this moment, the operator is deploying FTTH jointly with Vodafone in order not to lose the trail of its competitors, which have a much more widespread fiber coverage.

In our meter you can test the speed of your connection with guarantees since we have a node installed in the Orange network that guarantees the reliability of the test. To do the test you simply have to take into account the following general tips.

  • Close any applications that consume bandwidth, even though it is not working at the moment.
  • Try to perform the test connected by network cable since the WiFi reduces the speed of the connection
  • Repeat the test several times to check performance in different situations.

How to solve speed problems of test de Velocidad Orange?

In ADSLZone we have an official Orange and Amena support forum that allows you to open incidents and solve problems related to the performance of your connection. If you need help you can make your query right now.

Future of Orange

The France Telecom subsidiary is studying different options in Spain such as the possibility of buying Jazztel or accelerating the deployment of fiber optics. If you want to be up to date with the news and above all to know the latest offers presented by the operator, be sure to visit this link.

Take the test de Velocidad Orange to check what Internet speed you have available. Check your fiber speed, ADSL, and mobile connection.

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Take the test de velocidad Orange

The best way to check the speed of Orange fiber you just have to do the check in the next button. In less than a minute you will know the real speed of your Internet connection with Orange.

Remember that the best way to know the real connection is using a fiber cable connected from the router to your PC.https://ws.nperf.com/partner/frame?l=9521532b-d1e0-4e7c-a4a6-bffda06db13b 

Orange fiber speed results analysis

After performing the test de Velocidad Orange you will see 3 different results, we will explain each of them below.

  • Analysis of the test de Velocidad Orange results
  • Download: it is the most important scale since it refers to the amount of data we receive per second. all our inquiries on the Internet will be more or less fast depending on the speed of this data.
  • Load: represents the speed of our connection in uploading data to the network. Normally it is usually lower than the download speed, although if we have symmetric fiber, this speed will be the same.
  • Latency: it is another very important piece of information that means the time it takes for our connection to read 100% of the information from the Internet. Less latency, better connection.

How fast does Orange have in all its services?

 Orange fiber optic has speeds ranging from 100Mb to 600Mb . All Orange speeds are symmetrical because you should always get the same result when performing the test.

The minimum speed of 100Mb fiber Orange is a very powerful connection that is sufficient for use of the Internet medium and even high if delays in downloading information.

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 Orange ADSL speed: it has a maximum of 20Mb. It is a connection that is no longer being installed and that you can only contract if you do not have good fiber coverage at your home.

 Orange mobile connection speed: the mobile speed will depend on the area where you are. Orange will always try to provide you with the best connection and speed. This speed will range from 4G + to 2G depending on the area where you are.

  • 4G + speed : usually around 100mb / s.

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