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Mercado Libre Colombia opens its first Center for Technology, Innovation and Product in Colombia

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  • With the opening of this area, the company will generate more than 1,000 jobs for Latin America, of which 200 are available for Colombian talent. 
  • This infrastructure will enhance the company’s technological capabilities and maximize the experience offered to users in Latin America. .
  • This Center joins the IT and Innovation team that the company has distributed in Argentina, Brazil, Uruguay and Chile.

Mercado Libre Colombia, a leading technology company in electronic commerce and fintech services in Latin America, which has been operating in Colombia for more than 20 years, announced the launch of its first Technology and Innovation Center in the country , which will become the engine that will drive the development and growth of the company’s operations in the local and LATAM markets. For this great initiative, Colombia was selected as the country that will provide support to the entire region, reinforcing the operation of the company and the development of national talent.

For the operation and commissioning of this infrastructure, which will be located in Bogotá, the company will open 200 jobs in Colombia in 2020, of the 1,000 vacancies that it plans to open for all of Latin America this year, which will be filled by local experts and talents in skills such as backend and frontend software development, mobile development, IT security, business intelligence, machine learning, data science, application infrastructure, user experience, among others. In this way, it seeks to deepen efforts in the design of innovative solutions that optimize and add value to the user experience.

“ For more than 21 years we have made a solid commitment to Colombia and to contribute to its process of digital transformation and development of the electronic commerce ecosystem. During this time, we have worked with the entrepreneurial mindset that characterizes our DNA and innovation focused on the user experience. That is why, encouraged by this commitment to continue contributing to the progress of the country, we will open our first IT Center in the country, which will become the nucleus and engine that will boost Mercado Libre’s technological capabilities in Latin America. ” affirms Jaime Ramírez, Andean region director, Mercado Libre Colombia.

Mercado Libre’s Colombia IT area today has 3,400 people throughout Latin America, 2,700 of which are in Argentina, most of whom are engineers. It is divided into different areas, with teams in charge of the different business units (Marketplace, Mercado Pago, Mercado Envíos, Credits, Shops, Classifieds), and transversal teams that support all the company’s products and areas. In 2019, more than 1,100 people were linked to this area and it is expected to grow between 30% and 40% in 2020, hence the commitment made in Colombia to continue stimulating that growth.

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“We celebrate the opening of the Mercado Libre Colombia Technology and Innovation Center in Colombia and we will continue to support its growth and consolidation in our territory. This great new project confirms the country’s potential as an investment destination in the IT sector and contributes to the training and development of national talent, as well as promoting job creation and new opportunities ”, stated Flavia Santoro, president of ProColombia.

Mercado Libre Colombia has a solid history of innovation and development in Colombia , so it continues to evolve and adapt to new consumer needs, by strengthening technological capabilities, mainly in everything related to its marketplace, finance, logistics and warehousing. To achieve this, the company will form a local talent team that will be in charge of launching the new IT and Innovation Center. All those interested in consulting vacancies can access the following platform:   

“The opening of the Mercado Libre Colombia Technology and Innovation Center in Bogotá reaffirms that the city has the necessary strengths to scale global technology operations . This is also a project of great relevance for the capital thanks to the fact that it will generate quality jobs that will benefit hundreds of Bogota citizens, ”says Juan Gabriel Pérez, executive director of Invest In Bogota.

About Mercado Libre Colombia:

Founded in 1999, MercadoLibre is the leading e-commerce technology company in Latin America. Through its platforms and, it offers solutions for individuals and companies to buy, sell, advertise and pay for goods and services online. provides services to millions of users and creates an online market for the negotiation of a wide variety of goods and services in an easy, safe and efficient way. The site is among the 50 most visited sites in the world in terms of page views and is the mass consumption platform with the highest number of unique visitors in the most important countries where it operates, according to metrics provided by ComScore Networks. The Company has been listed on the Nasdaq (NASDAQ: MELI) since its initial public offering in 2007.

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Mercado Libre will open more than 500 job vacancies in its new IT Center

The online product sales company Mercado Libre announced on Wednesday the opening of the new IT Center in Medellín with which it will generate more than 500 jobs.

“We are convinced to continue expanding our IT team in Colombia and after a 2020 of exceptional growth, we decided to redouble this effort in Antioquia. We are sure that the digital entrepreneurship ecosystem and the innovative approach that positions Medellín as the city of the fourth industrial revolution is the right place for this second center, ”said Jaime Ramírez, director for the Andean region of Mercado Libre.

According to Ramírez, those interested can apply for vacancies on the page or on the website of Mercado Libre Colombia, in the section Work with us to find out all the options there are.

For the start-up of the new IT Center, the positions that will be opened will be for local experts and talents in skills such as backend and frontend software mobile development , IT security, business intelligence, machine learning , data science , application infrastructure, user experience , among other.

Although the vacancies will be for the center of Medellín, people from all over the country will be able to apply for any of the positions offered by the company.

To run this center, Mercado Libre will have the Argentine Daniel Duvokin, who will be the leader of the operations.

At the press conference to present the IT Center, Duvokin affirmed that there will be many challenges to face in these new spaces and therefore they hope to attract talent that is expert in technology and knowledge that will drive the country’s technological growth.– Photo:

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In addition, Duvokin affirmed that: “If a person sees that in a vacancy he meets half of the requirements, do not rule out the possibility of applying, during the interview or the meeting we have we will be able to dialogue, we are very flexible with that issue.”

This is the second Innovation and Technology Center that Mercado Libre opens in Colombia, the first of which is in Bogotá.

This commitment to innovation is part of Mercado Libre’s strategies in Latin America to generate employment and technological growth in the region.

According to the company, “the Free Market Technology, Innovation and Product area in Latin America is made up of more than 5,000 people, the majority being in Argentina but with a growing tendency to diversify that presence in other markets on the continent.

“Between 2019 and 2020, more than 2,500 people have been linked at the regional level and with the opening of the IT Center in Medellín, plus other expansion plans of the company, the team is expected to grow by more than 40%, a figure that it is relevant in the midst of the impact that the pandemic generated in the different industries ”.

The opening of the Medellín IT Center is part of the large investments that Mercado Libre has made in the country. In 2020, the company opened the IT Center in Bogotá, which today has 400 people and plans to close 2021 with double this number, and the Distribution Center, located in Funza.

“The hiring of personnel continues and we want to have in our distribution center more than 800 people in the logistics part, distributors and pickers , among others,” said Ramírez.

In front of the opening, the mayor of Medellín, Daniel Quintero, applauded the initiative and expressed his joy for “this new space to continue growing Medellín as the software valley in Latin America . 

In addition, he recalled that this year in Medellín a free zone of more than 50,000 square meters will be opened to give life to technological developments made by the residents of the city themselves.

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