How To Keep Your Customers Engaged After Boating Season Ends

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Communicating effectively year-round sets operators up for success in peak season.

It may seem like an overwhelming task to get clients to engage meaningfully during the off-season months, but it certainly isn’t impossible.

Encouraging clients to stay engaged is a craft in and of itself and it’s important to develop and cultivate strategies to keep your customers interested after boating season ends, and to prepare them for when the industry picks back up again.

Here are just a few keys to maintain a strong connection with customers year-round.

Hold an event for loyal customers

Just because the season is over, doesn’t mean the fun has to end!

Reward your customers with a fun event, whether it be holiday-themed, charity-focused, or niche-related. Hosting events can truly do wonders for your business by keeping customers in the loop year-round.

Not ready for in-person events just yet? Virtual events are the next best thing and have become highly popularized throughout the pandemic.

Something as simple as a webinar on preparing boats for winter, or safety measures to take when boating are both great ideas to consider, and gives your business a platform to stay in your customers’ minds even after boating season is over.

Stay active on social media

Staying connected to your customers throughout the year, not just during peak season, is a must – and social media is one of the easiest ways to do so. Just because things might be quiet, doesn’t mean you have to be invisible!

Offering engaging and useful content catered to your clients’ interests can really pay off when the time comes to start selling.

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Customers use social platforms to get most of their information, and by maintaining an online presence, you’ll be keeping your brand’s voice active and staying on their radar throughout the year.

Share your future plans

One major benefit of a seasonal industry is that it gives owners and operators a chance to sit back and reassess where they can improve.

Take advantage of this downtime to finetune things you want to change.

Work on ways to improve your customer experience during your quieter months and keep your customers up to date with what you have planned. If you’re planning on attending a conference or industry show in the coming months, keep your customers posted so they know what to look forward to for next season.

How you plan in your quiet periods will significantly factor into how successful you are when things begin to pick up again.

Show your customers that your business is always striving to improve and that you’re making the effort to better serve them. It won’t be taken for granted.

Offer a personal touch

Personal outreach to customers is always appreciated.

Connecting with customers and letting them know that you care and want to hear from them encourages them to not only do business with you, but stay loyal to you.

Whether it be by phone, text, email, or virtual chat, use this opportunity to personalize offers and product recommendations you think your customers would find helpful. Get them excited about next year’s boating season and beyond anything else, show them that you care. It can make a huge difference!

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Final thoughts

Juggling the tasks that come with communicating with customers can feel like a challenge, especially if you’re doing so manually.

Having the right marine management system with a CRM in place can streamline customer communication so you don’t have to, ensuring your customers remain satisfied throughout the year and are eager to support your business and buy from you when boating season returns.

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