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How to Fix Freezing Problems in Windows-10 computers

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A Whole Lot of users report freezing Problems in Windows-10 computers. This guide will provide you seven distinct procedures to manage this particular specific issue in the event that you’re one of those unfortunate individuals having difficulty with it. 

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This freezing issue may happen haphazardly anytime. In it, either the entire system locks up or certain parts, like the taskbar, tend not to respond. You may try out every one of the different techniques to resolve this problem and discover which works the right for you personally. 

What To do After Your Display Freezes Randomly 

We have recorded seven Distinct ways in which one Can solve the freezing problems [pii_email_bc0906f15818797f9ace] in your own Windows-10 computer. You are able to advance through the list one by you and stop after you mend this mistake. 

#1: Rolling Windows-10 Back to a Past Version 

In Case You Have recently set up the newest Upgrade of Windows-10, and it’s ideal to roll up back your system to a former edition. 

  • Type’Preferences’ to the search bar, and Choose’Settings’ 
  • From the Preferences window, then click on the update & Security’ option. 
  • Then select retrieval from the menu around the left. Under’Return into the prior version of Windows-10’click’Get Started.’ Stick to some onscreen prompts. Please be aware, in case it was over ten days since the last upgrade, you won’t find this heading, also you also can’t execute this measure. 

#2: Update Your Outdated walkers 

You need to upgrade the device drivers in your own Os when you have issues with your computer freezing. A few drivers have been automatically upgraded throughout Windows Update, therefore make certain that to conduct that before following the steps below. 

Pro-tip: In case You’re having trouble downloading and upgrading your Windows drivers urge Advanced System reparation. 

  • Press [E] and the [Windows] key as well time. This opens File Explorer. 
  • Right-click on this PC,” which can be located on The left side of this File Explorer window. Choose’Handle’ from the menu. 
  • From another window that appears, select ‘Device Manager.’ 
  • By the device Manager’s menu, then enlarge each Kind or perhaps even the categories that you imagine need apparatus driver upgrades and click on every gadget. (you’ll want to enlarge your display adapters’ type beneath the graphics card to accomplish so.) Select’Update Driver’ for each and every 
  • Finally, click on hunt mechanically for Upgraded driver program.’ 
  • In case an upgraded variant Isn’t discovered, you are able to Additionally visit the apparatus manufacturer’s internet site after clicking the device’s possessions and imagining the present driver details. Follow the directions on the website to look for updates. 
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#3: Owning a Memory Assess 

You need to conduct a memory test along with Your Computer when Windows works randomly. Faulty RAM may cause Windows-10 freezing problems. You do not desire to get a brand new PC if everything you should do in order to resolve the matter is to exchange the RAM. 

You can diagnose this dilemma with the Assistance of some Built-in tool offered by Microsoft. To utilize this application, You Have to follow these measures: 

  • On your keyboard, press on the [Windows] Key and [ep ] key simultaneously. This opens the Run command. In the box, then you want to input’ mdsched.exe,” and click ‘okay.’ 
  • For Those Who Have already shut all of your additional Apps and are prepared to restart your pc, it is possible to click start right now and assess for issues (advocated ).’ But in the event that you still will have to store and close any of one’s job, then you should click search for issues that the second time I launch my PC.’ 
  • If your PC restarts, you’ll notice a grim Screen that will demonstrate the progress of the check and the memory card run moves. When there isn’t any issue with your personal computer’s RAM, proceed on the second alternative. 

#4: Re-setting Virtual Performance 

The Digital memory of your personal pc is an Addition to this physical memory of one’s personal computer, and it can be an amalgamation of both RAM and a tough disk drive partition. If your personal computer’s RAM finishes a rigorous job, Windows switches virtual memory to store the document temporarily. 

To reset the virtual memory onto your Windows-10 Computer, you have to do the following: 

  • Press [E] and the [Windows] key as well Time to start open File Explorer. Then click this PC.’ 
  • From the Dropdown menu which appears select ‘Properties.’ 
  • Choose’Advanced Level System Settings’ from the Left side of this window. 
  • Now, Click the Advanced tab and on The’Preferences’ button found under the operation subheading. 
  • Click the advanced Level’ alternative and Select’Change’ over the digital memory section. 
  • In This window, you also have to make certain that easily manage paging file size for all drives is unchecked. 
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You Want to Select the windows driveway which has Windows installed on it, and it can be normally C: 

Pick’Custom dimensions’ and type from the ‘First size (MB)’ and the maximum size (MB)’ from the space provided for that digital memory. The very first size varies based upon your own pc, however, you ought to have the ability to view it in the base of the box alongside to’Currently allocated’ 

For Your maximum dimensions, you also are able to select to Increase it to the recommended size, or you’ll be able to move all of the ways around approximately 1.5 days of your PC’s RAM size. 

Anything greater than twice the dimensions of Your own RAM may lead to system instability and much more problems. When you’ve put these 2 values, then click ‘Place’ and then on’OK’ to move. 

  • Following This, you have to clear each of the Temp files On your PC. Type’Disk Cleanup’ to the search bar and pick this program. 
  • Choose the C: drive or the drive where Windows Is set up if it’s different, then choose okay.’ 
  • Be Certain’Temporary Internet Files’ is indicated And click okay.’ 
  • Once Disk Cleanup is now completed, you Will Need to Restart your PC. 

#5: Owning a Disc Check 

In the Event the methods Mentioned Previously don’t Fix the freezing dilemma onto your own Windows 10-pc, you ought to conduct a disk test. Because of this, you have to follow these measures: 

  • Close All of the open files and applications on your own computer. Click to the File Explorer icon to the left of your Start Menu. 
  • Under’This PC’ search for your Hard Disk which You have to test on and choose its Properties from right-clicking onto it. 
  • Click the Tools tab and then click the ‘Assess’ button. 
  • In case your hard disk Doesn’t Have some difficulties, Then you are going to understand a scan hit message appears in your own monitor screen. 

#6: Owning a System File Check 

You can also conduct system documents assessment because Corrupted or missing system files are evoking the freeze in your own Windows-10 computer. Microsoft lets you easily regain the first system files on your PC by running System File Checker. This simple built-in tool permits users to regain the necessary. These steps describe how to perform a document check: 

  • Press the Windows [key] then enter cmd (or Input in the search box). Right-click on command Prompt’ and select run as secretary ‘ When a pop-up looks at that request for administrator consent, then you need to go through the yes button. 
  • Currently, type SFC /scan now from the Command Prompt Window and then press the [Enter] key. 
  • Windows will scan your pc corrupt Files and mend them but this might have a small moment. You have to leave this window open before the operation finishes. If it’s carried out, it is going to demonstrate the link between this scanning. 
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#7: Disabling C-States at BIOS 

C-States describes the CPU States which are Power saving choices. They decrease the multipliers and endurance of this machine to use nominal power once the device is idle. 

After you disable C-States, so turning That the power-saving options off, so the PC gets to be more stable, and hence it reduces the odds of sudden problems, such as arbitrary rebooting and also perhaps even the PC freezing. To disable C-States to correct Windows-10, do the following: 

  • Begin with typing preferences to the search bar And launching that window. 
  • Click ‘Updates & Security.’ Click here ‘Retrieval’ in order to discover the advanced level start up’ option. Click on the start ‘ button. 
  • At the menu which prompts one to choose a Choice’ Pick’Troublshoot,”’advanced level options,’ and choose the UEFI Firmware Preferences to enter the BIOS. 
  • After you enter into the BIOS installation, click the ‘Advanced tab, and you also select CPU Configuration.’ 
  • Make Sure your’C1E Work’ too as That the intel(R) C-STATE technician’ options are Disabled. If they aren’t, make use of the down and up arrow keys on your computer keyboard to pick the setting that you would like to alter. After you have the ideal option, press the [Enter] key and alter the setting to Disabled with the down and up arrow keys. 
  • Once you alter those configurations, save after which Depart the BIOS screen by following the directions displayed on your monitor screen. Next, restart your personal computer again normally. 


One of those solutions should mend your Windows 10 freezing matter. If not one of those works for you, the odds are good that Microsoft knows of the issue and taking care of a remedy for this. It’s possible to check in their forum to get advice regarding future upgrade repairs. 

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