How is Branding Connected to Logo Designing?

How is Branding Connected to Logo Designing?

Have you ever wondered, what’s the difference between McDonald’s chicken burger and KFC’s? Many of you would say, it’s the secret ingredient. Well, of course, that too. But the main difference is their branding. Okay, skip the branding too. Both franchises have the same color. Red! Even Coca-Cola is red too. But would that make it Kfc? No. Right? Just like that. The main difference between any major brands is their logo. You cannot own the color but you can own the design. 

However, in some aspects both branding and logo design work hand in hand. But to understand that, you need to know their definitions separately. 

What’s Branding? 

It’s a process of creating a strong and positive image of your company, brand, or product. There are many ways to do that. You just need to make it stand out so that people can differentiate between your brand and other brands. This impression helps your brand to connect with consumers. 

What is Logo Design? 

This illustrative design is the symbol of your brand and trademark of your company. It gives you brand identity and makes it easier for the company to communicate visually with the consumers. 

Since we have understood the basic difference between logo design and branding, let’s move forward and see what actually ally them together. 

Connection b/w Logo Design and Branding!

It sounds strange that both terms are quite the same and sometimes even use for each other’s synonyms. But that is pure perception! Terms are related for sure and work cohesively but both are entirely different procedures. 

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A logo is a symbolic design that works as a trademark for your product or company. You can use specific colors like Coca-Cola or Pepsi, or initials of your brand’s name like Channel. 

It takes a lot of time and ideas to put together a logo design for any brand and it has to be eye-catching. Because that will connect you visually with customers. People buy what they see. 

However, it helps in branding. That is how both are interconnected. A logo won’t work out without branding and vice-versa. 

Many business owners tend to create a logo way before building a brand. There’s no harm in it. But it’s highly suggested, you should work on your brand first because that will lead you to the great ideas about the trademark of your product. 

There are so many renowned brands that have great stories behind their logos. It all comes from branding. Your logo is a visual representation of your brand values and identity. So make sure it is not complicated to decipher but interesting enough to evoke everyone’s curiosity about the product. 

Sometimes, cheap logo design or trademarks we find super simple creates a huge impact in comparison to eminent illustrations. You can check out branded logos like Nike, Samsung, MI, or Apple. These brands have the simplest logos and yet manage to create a strong image out there. 

And that does not happen just like that. As we have mentioned before, branding and logo design work cohesively. You see there are so many elements to branding and a logo is just one of them. But a prominent one than other elements. 

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Since the difference, as well as the connection between symbolic trademark and branding, has been discussed thoroughly. You might be wondering which mistakes you should avoid while creating a brand logo. So there you go! 

Check out these errors you might make;

Hiring a Rookie

What can go wrong when you are designing a logo? Well, you should hire amateurs to know that. Jk. We know, everyone was once a rookie but it does not work like that! When you are building a brand you don’t hand over important tasks like designing a logo to trainees. Because your brand identity and image depend on it. 

And there’s one more thing you should consider. It’s your brand and you are most welcome to bring new ideas to the table! Many people cosign everything to designers, sit back, and wait for the results. Don’t do that! Relying completely on someone else for your brand image would be a disaster if it won’t come out the way you expected it to be! 

Following Trends 

We aren’t saying don’t follow the trends but isn’t it better to set trends yourself rather than following the old ones? You shouldn’t follow everything that trends in the market or on the internet because no one needs that. Alright, it might sound absurd but design a logo for your brand should be a personal thing. Just like naming your kid. If you are still wondering why then here’s the answer. Because you have put a lot of effort into building your brand. So don’t you find it important to go through each idea before finalizing something? 

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Besides, doing something that is already a trend won’t make any difference. There is nothing new in it and people have seen it many times. So why would they be attracted to something which is not even unique? This is the whole point. So better not to make this mistake. 

Don’t Just Do it! 

We are sure, Nike would have a better explanation for just doing it. But not every time. As they say, think before you act. So whether it’s branding or creating a logo. THINK! Consider everything, look if there’s an error. As Ali Krieger once said, there’s always room for improvement. So keep pouring in suggestions and ask for advice before making your final decision. Because once your logo is out, you are going to be recognized by that also. It’s always better safe than sorry! 

Summing it up! 

Apart from all the differences, what matters the most is that you cannot miss a single element while building up an empire because every little detail is essential. Be it your branding strategy or a trademark. There are so many brands that are decades old but people remember even the oldest advertisements of certain brands. That’s because of the correct branding and the trademark they have set! 

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