How Cemo Basen Creates Magic with the ‘Raising an Influencer’ Series on Instagram – and Who Is Blakely?

In his youth, Cemo, also known as Mohammad Qasim, had a problematic

life. In light of financial difficulties, his family moved from the Middle East to Pakistan, searching for work. However, Cemo’s parents weren’t very fortunate in their endeavor and started working as local tailors. Cemo completed his formal and professional education in Pakistan in the field of Information Technology. After graduation, Cemo returned to his birth country looking for jobs to provide for his struggling family.

All through his puberty, Cemo fought hard to make minimum wage, due to which he had to lose focus of his dreams in order to survive. He could either pursue his dreams or fulfill the financial needs of his family. However, once Cemo’s family became financially stable, he moved to the United States.

Cemo’s childhood was always different from other youngsters his age. Since Cemo was the eldest son, he was burdened with several responsibilities to support his family, both financially and morally. Even though Cemo felt burnt out and tired at times, he never let anything stop him from achieving his goals. Cemo’s only source of entertainment back in those days was the television. He would spend hours watching Pirates of the Caribbean on repeat and imitating the famous Jonny Depp. For Cemo, Depp was a mentor and his ideal.

After some time, Cemo started making his own videos and vlogs and uploaded them on Instagram. Over the span of only three years, his fan following rose from a few thousand to more than a million. Cemo was no doubt a gifted child, and after he moved to the United States, he achieved all that he ever desired. In the States, Cemo not only found a platform to showcase his talent but also found a place he could finally call home.

Initially, Cemo was hesitant and didn’t want to upload his content on social media. He didn’t know how the public would react, and he wasn’t prepared to be trolled or made fun of. However, Cemo’s close friends compelled him to put his videos online as they knew Cemo was extremely talented and could reach his goals by doing so. Cemo lost a bet and ended up uploading his first video, which gained a lot of fame over the internet.

Today, Cemo has a massive fan following from all over the world. His two best friends, who are a significant part of his team, are from Ukraine. Various South Asians and Middle Eastern children look up to him as an ideal and mentor. Since Cemo has fans from all over the world, he enjoys creating content that can be understood by everyone who watches it. Very often, he conjoins different cultures to create content for his new videos. Many people believe that Cemo’s success is due to his diverse content and creative mind.

When Cemo was inquired about what his aspirations really were and what did he hope to achieve from posting his videos, he told us that he only wanted to entertain people and light up their faces with a smile. He also told us that he wanted to promote South Asian culture and inform people about what it really is.

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Raising an Influencer Series

The Raising an Influencer series is about a young kid who wants to become a social media influencer. This series has about ten episodes, and only the first season has been aired recently. Each episode has a different story, background, and characters. Most people raise their eyebrows when they hear of the new character named Blakely. In the series, Blakely is the sister of the guy who wants to become an influencer.

We asked Cemo who Blakely was in the first season of his series and whether we would be seeing more of Blakely in season 2 of ‘Raising an Influencer.’ Cemo informed us that Blakely is a character inspired by his best friend Mary, who is from Peru. Mary and Cemo have been friends for a long time, and she was the one who motivated Cemo to post his content on Instagram. Cemo claims that Blakely is as crazy as Mary is in real life. She would do all the crazy fun stuff side by side with Cemo. The character Blakely has every bit of Mary’s personality and keeps viewers thoroughly engaged.

Cemo’s hallmark of fame is undeniably his ‘Raising an Influencer’ series. At its core, the series is about a kid (with a sister named Blakely) who wants to become an influencer. In the first video of this series, it can be seen that while the kid is making a video, his mom slips into his room and watches him record himself wearing Christmas tree lights and making faces. This bothers the little kid’s mom, and she tells him to stop doing this in her house or that she would send him to a boarding school. Cemo adds humor here when, after the kid’s mother leaves his room, he makes faces behind her back and tells her to take her unwanted opinion elsewhere.

In another video, Cemo shows Blakely, the kid’s sister, recording a TikTok video in which the mother enters and scolds both kids and blames her son for teaching his sister how to record videos which she sees as a waste of time. Every one of Cemo’s influencer series episodes articulately encapsulates all that happens in the life of an influencer today. Generally, parents have their own vision and perspective of what their kids should pursue as a career choice. They don’t see becoming an influencer as a plausible career choice. They compel their kids to follow the plans they have laid out for them rather than letting them build their own.

Cemo’s Rasing an Influencer series has become so popular amongst the youth of South Asia and the Middle East because they feel that their voice resonates with Cemo’s.

Cemo’s Journey to Success

When we interviewed Cemo’s friends and family regarding his early life and credibility, they told us fantastic things about Cemo. They informed us that Cemo is not only talented but that he is ambitious and hard-working as well. Cemo isn’t only an immaculate actor, but he is also a great dancer too.

An enormous number of us have heard stories about people going to the top from the bottom; nevertheless, generally, not many of us really believe it. Cemo is a living delineation of tireless work and consistency. He came from nothing and had nothing except for raw talent. Regardless of the fact that he had no money at first, he worked undauntedly to build what he has now. The realities truly affirm that anything is reachable if one has the will to achieve it, and Cemo is no doubt an unimaginable delineation of it.

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As Cemo’s presence became noticeable on Instagram, he got seen by a couple of brands and associations. One such affiliation was the eminent Lanistar. Cemo was approached by the organization to be the ambassador for Lanistar, a card development association. This was possibly where everything started as Cemo took this proposition up and started his first step towards becoming a media influencer.

The Lanistar event where Cemo was an ambassador was swarming with social media influencers such as Jeffree Star and Nikita Tutorials. It was after this event that the information of Cemo Basen being cast beside Demi Rose and Kevin de Bruyne in Stranger Things surfaced on the news. Being cast in a Netflix special series was a remarkable stepping stone for Cemo’s career in the field of acting, as he himself claims.

Besides this, Cemo has also been nominated to become the next Mr DC. Currently, he is working hard to prepare for the pageant as he believes it will open many doors for him and his career as an actor.

Life as an Influencer

Like many other famous influencers, Cemo, too, has been a target of online trolling and bullying. When we heard about the trolls, we contacted Cemo and asked how he dealt with them. Cemo informed us that the online trolls took a great toll on him initially. However, as time progressed, he stopped caring about them – all because he knew that if he wanted to proceed, he had to let them go.

Cemo told us that as a fragile individual, he ended up being really affected by all the hateful and judgmental comments he received on his acting skills and dressing sense. Cemo would, much of the time, break down in the wake of examining such merciless comments and disengage himself for a seriously long time. As a rising star, Cemo also got a couple of rejections from several places, which at one time struck him hard. Cemo could never understand ridiculing people and torturing them to a point where they end up hurting themselves.

As Cemo’s fame was growing, so was the hate that surrounded him. It is reported that Cemo said in an interview that people would call him a variety of horrendous names. People would comment things like “Asian Monkey” and “No talent” under his posts and social media accounts. Regardless of all the hate he received, Cemo sorted out a way to look past all the contempt and focus on the love he got from others. As time went on, Cemo understood that he couldn’t make everyone happy at the same time. There will always be some who will despise him no matter what he does, and so he stopped trying to please everyone and continued with his journey. In time, he recognized who he truly was: A reasonable gritty-hued kid endeavoring to make the most of each second of his life.

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At the point when Cemo recognized what his character was, he didn’t let any pictures or online savages demotivate him. He worked harder and harder every day in order to achieve his goals regardless of the fact that not many appreciated his work initially. People ridiculed him for not giving up, but Cemo never paid any heed to them.

It is no doubt due to Cemo’s consistency and perseverance that he has reached the pinnacle of his career and is one step closer to his goals every day. While there may be hundreds who despise him, there are millions who love and appreciate his art.

Cemo is currently taking acting classes at New York Film Academy. Before this, he also took classes from Cheryl Rhodes Acting School located in Virginia. Cemo says that acting is an everyday learning process. One can never be perfect in it, but with hard work and perseverance, one can be almost perfect. Acting, just like any other subject, is not easy, but if one is passionate about it, acting becomes fun to learn.

Cemo is a great dancer and actor. However, he isn’t interested in pursuing a career in theater. Initially, Cemo studied IT from Pakistan, and joining the field of acting was very different from his previous career choice. Cemo now has the goal of making it into Hollywood and being cast in a top-notch blockbuster.

For Cemo, being an influencer means that he can do whatever he wants, whenever he wants. He feels good when he presses the button and posts his content. He lives to entertain and motivate people. He says that making others happy is his passion.

Cemo informed us that the second season of his ‘Raising an Influencer’ series would be releasing very soon. He claims that it is inspired by Game of Thrones and will going to be a much hilarious season than the one before.

Besides working as an influencer, Cemo has indulged himself in several different activities. He doesn’t only make funny videos but also makes informative videos as well. Cemo is also currently striving to become the next Mr DC. He was nominated and is looking forward to entering the contest and winning it to make his name. With the DC beauty pageant, several opportunities come knocking. Cemo has worked really hard to get nominated for this pageant and is now looking forward to winning it. Besides this, Cemo has also finally received an offer to host his own podcast on Fox5 DC.

It is a result of Cemo’s consistency and hard work that he finally fulfilled his dream. As of late, he signed a contract with Fox5 DC that will air his show “Raising an Influencer” every Friday from 7:00 AM to 8:00 AM starting on the 16th of October.

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