Do and Don’ts of SMS Marketing

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More than 80 percent of SMS are read within 5 minutes after it has been delivered to recipient. This is a great opportunity as a business to utilize this mode of marketing to promote your offers so visit our website .

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SMS marketing is the use of text messages to promote your offers to your potential customers who have opted into your subscriber list.

Are you ready to compose bulk SMS and have a successful story? Then this article is the most ideal for you.

Don’t ramble

Have you wonder why the text characters is 160? People don’t need articles with 300 words for them to buy, they just need straight forward message with clear call to action. People don’t want manifesto from my business.

We all need a special offer. Start with an offer and clear call to action. Too much stuff distracts people and reduces the redemption rate of your offers.

Have irresistible offer

“What’s up My guy?” No one need this kinds of messages. These are some of the conversational messages that people don’t care. Remember that you are in business of making your offer not making friends.

Be professional and limit conversational message. Focus on promoting. Most of your subscribers entered your list knowing that you will be sending them offers. Why then send the morning greetings? Keep message objective clear and to the point.

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Pay attention to time of the day

When do you schedule to send your messages to your customers? Did you know that it is not allowed to send too early or too late in the evening?

Being time conscious with your messages is an ethical thing that people expect from different brands. Although different brands have varying times when it comes to optimal time for sending messages, it is usually advisable to send messages during the day.

In your bulk SMS, it should have a call to action that is semi urgent. Have some window to your recipient to consider your offer. There are many offers out there and your offer is perhaps not exceptional to what your competitors can offer. Have some limited time for your special offer. This always results in high redemption to your offers.

Keep customers at the fore front

People only act on special offers. So when you were developing your offer, ensure that the offer is authentic unique and make it special and it should be special indeed.

Imagine creating an offer to outdated products that you want to dispose in your store. What will be image of your brand out there after the message. Do you think they won’t opt out? People need to feel that they are special and it is your responsibility to show such special treats to your clients through offers.

In that way, your offers will be redeeming fast.

Text messaging is going nowhere. It is a more reliable marketing technique that converts when properly done.  What you need to keep in mind is that SMS texting runs on permission based. That is people need to opt in to received promotion from your business for you to send them offers.

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For successful process, you select the right bulk SMS provider, craft a good offer and measure your results.

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