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We continue with the attempt to popularize among football betting fans and especially among those readers or consumers of football predictions, fantasy football games, or the communities in which information is found for games such as Communio, Biwenger, or the Liga Fantastica Marca. currently called Liga Fantasy Marca.

About Comuniazo

What is comuniazo?

Comuniazo is an informative website focused on supplying fantasy games users with all the information they need to prepare their squads and improve their performance on the specific days of their public or private fantasy games leagues.

Statistics by teams, by players, rumors about signings, most likely line-ups for the next round, injured players and possible highs and lows, is treated with all the seriousness in the world in comuniazo.

And it is that the users of comunio or biwenger, as managers of their respective teams, have to constantly make decisions, and they can hang by a thread.

The comuniazo as a community

We have previously highlighted in the article dedicated to communicate, the importance of these information portals specialized in fantasy football games when it comes to favoring the analysis of matches, making football predictions, and ultimately hitting our sports bets.

From the community, Comuniazo stands out for having very informative sections that help to promote a debate among web users: we are talking about, for example, the “Once Ideal” or “Market” section, which serve to facilitate interaction between fans , for example in the “Doubts” section that allows you to publish doubts about our alignments, signings or even the strategy to be developed during the next or next days.

It is from here where we will receive the advice and help of the other members of the community; which for us is a much more professionalized option both visually and conceptually than what other communities use: a chat or a forum,

Comuniazo points

As with fantasy games such as Comunio, Liga Fantasica Marca or Biwenger in football or Supermanager in basketball, the points are the way in which the performance of the footballers is measured and the sum of these points serves to position our teams in the general leaderboards or in the private leagues that we are doing with friends.

The section comuniazo points allows us to see on the cover the points obtained by all the players who have played a current match. Normally they are shown in descending order, with the games that have finished less time being the first ones to be shown.Messi points

Comuniazo’s goal: to give advice for your line-ups and get points (AP Photo and Joan Monfort)

And they do it with the list of the two starting lineups and the substitute players who have participated in the match, showing in red, green or red a total score in the last column (the one located furthest to the right) while previously also in Columns have indicated the name of the footballer and the acronyms that show the position on the field they use.

It is also indicated by a characteristic icon if the player has scored a goal or if he has been cautioned with a yellow or red card, perhaps the three variables that most affect a player’s score.

Comuniazo money

One of the most important sections of the Comuniazo community is the one called “Money” and that is basically the one where users registered to Comuniazo can estimate, through an approximate but almost always accurate calculation, the money of the rivals in Comunio.

A functionality is of comuniazo money that gives us a huge advantage when configuring our team if we are facing rivals we know. Knowing the money they have available and the money they have used, we can with Comuniazo Dinero see the balance and the highest bid of our opponents. 

How to do it? Simply being registered in Cominiazo and providing the name of our user in Comunio and the amount or initial capital of our community. With this tool we can also locate free players that fit into our budget and analyze the current market with greater precision.

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Comuniazo opinions

If we take a look at the comuniazo portal, we could think at first that it is a current sports portal specialized in soccer betting or current information where to read about, for example, the injury of Sergio Ramos or the latest Celta signings …

But, the truth is that in addition to the information regarding the players and football teams, in comuniazo the key is that you can check the points that our fantasy teams have obtained in Comunio, Biwenger or any other sports fantasy game, in addition to incorporate tools that help build a community in which it is discussed which players could make a good game or the chances that a certain injured or touched player has to recover in time for the next game.Historical matches Bale Comuniazo

Bale scoring a goal and scoring points for Comunio (AP Photo and Alberto Saiz)

In any case, when talking about opinions about Comuniazo there is no doubt that we must compare it with its most immediate competitors, of which we have already spoken in the past and that help us to value the reality of this class of portals.

For example, as a great reference for Comuniazo, we find the Futbolfantasy website, which has a normal amount of practical information on both the Spanish League, the Premier League, the Spanish League, and the Champions League so that our teams can add more points in the different fantasy games that we can enjoy in this 2021 sports calendar marked by the pandemic.

Another rival would be the Comuniate portal, very similar in terms of purpose and objectives to both fantasy football and Comuniazo, but where more informative content is prioritized to help follow the evolution of points in our teams; for example showing on the same cover the television channels and the schedule of the soccer matches each day.

That is why, as in the case of its two competitors, we consider Comuniazo to be an information leader but also an opinion leader in the competitive and increasingly demanding world of football information portals.

Comuniazo Video For La-Liga

The captain of Comuniazo: how a twenty-year-old boy conquered the football fans

  • In full season, its website is among the 200 most visited on the Spanish internet. At just 24 years old and shortly before leaving his university studies, Miguel Ángel Ruiz created Comuniazo, a platform where users of the popular Comunio can consult all the information related to the game.
Ideal eleven and scores to create one of the most visited web pages on the Spanish internet
Ideal eleven and scores to create one of the most visited web pages on the Spanish internet

Alvaro HernandezAugust 3, 2016 14: 04h@alvarohernandec

He was only 24 years old and, at that time,  Miguel Ángel Ruiz was just another young Spanish man. In fact, he was only a few months away from taking a step that many others had taken before him: he was going to leave his studies at the Computer Engineering Degree at the University of Seville. However, far from being a blur on his resume, dropping out of college would be followed by the success of his personal project, Comuniazo.

“I was a player Comunio like millions in Spain” Comunio has  Ruiz to  HojaDeRouter.com. “I visited several pages that were on Comunio and that offered different information and I thought that I could create one that would contain everything that was then about the game in a single page and also introduce new tools”, explains the developer.

This is how, in 2012, one of the most visited pages on the Spanish internet was born. Precisely now, as the soccer league is stopped, Comuniazo has suffered a significant drop in the Alexa ranking, although the website created by Ruiz is usually among the two hundred with the most influx of visitors. In fact, the creator of Comuniazo himself explains that, in the heat of competition, the website can receive more than two and a half million visits a day during a weekend, and during the week, around half a million visits.

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“It depends on the time, because from September to February the game is in high demand and then users start to drop a bit due to their own abandonment : players see that their team is not going to get anything and they lose interest a little”, he analyzes Ruiz.

On the back of someone else’s success

The initial investment of Comuniazo’s father in what would end up being a whole soccer encyclopedia was only 8 euros, which he had to pay to get a domain that has given him many joys. Not surprisingly, its similarity to the name of the game on which the web is based has been one of the keys for it to end up getting millions of visits based on positioning in Google. ” In just over a year it became one of the highest Communio-related searches, and visits almost increased tenfold from one summer to the next,” Ruiz recalls.

Obviously, none of this would have happened if Comunio had not become one of the most popular games on the Internet. Created in 2000  by the German developer Fabian Loschek , it fulfilled the dream of many Internet users who can now manage their own teams by pure PC Soccer style (with signings in a frenzied market that gives access to players throughout the season), also competing with other users in private or open leagues.

The sauce of the game created by Loschek and that, at the same time, is a fundamental pillar in the success of Comuniazo is the score. While in PC Soccer the player competed with his team directly against other clubs, in Comunio each player receives at the end of the day some points based on his performance in the match he has played in the league (in the real one, which fills stadiums and moves millions of euros). In Spain, where the game landed in 2007, these ratings are based on the assessment made of each of the players by the newspaper As. And that’s where everything starts to get complicated.

“Before the newspaper As only published the score in its paper newspaper and, although a couple of years ago they introduced the score on their website, Comunio continues to be governed by the paper assessment ,” says Ruiz. Thus, users most eager to know how the day has gone for the players in their eleven must wait at least one day to know how many points they have accumulated. Unless they consult pages like Comuniazo, of course.

The usual delay in publishing the scores, added to the frequent technical failures of Comunio , has led to the fact that in recent years pages where the scores can be consulted sprout up like mushrooms and, precisely, Ruiz relied on some of the pioneers to create their own. “On my website, and on some others, the scores are automatically published when those on the As newspaper page. So users have information on how their line-up has gone half an hour or an hour after the game ends” , says Ruiz.

What differentiates Comuniazo from other pages is that it offers more complete information and that it is much easier for players. In fact, in addition to consulting the scores, users can see which footballers are injured before choosing their eleven each day (information that Ruiz adds manually each week) and even see the history of each one to analyze if it is worth it or not. not bid for him in the transfer market. They can also check how much money their opponents still have, something that not even the game itself allows.

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All of this is possible thanks  to the Comunio API  , which allows developers like Ruiz to make all the data available to players for them to consult with a single click. “By entering their game user, they have access to their scores and they also have a section to consult the injured on their team,” summarizes Comuniazo’s father.

Ruiz is aware that his success is completely linked to that of the game itself. In fact, it recognizes that “at any time, people can change their tastes and put it aside.” Therefore,  take advantage of any opportunity that presents itself to diversify the page and open other doors. In this sense, Comuniazo already offers information on other similar games (based on the management of a soccer club) and Ruiz clones his own website every time Comunio launches an extraordinary competition on the occasion of European or World Cups. This allows you to minimize the decrease in visits that you suffer each summer.

Comuniazo as a way of life

Comuniazo, Ruiz’s first personal project, has not only added an excellent line to his resume as a developer and entrepreneur, but has allowed him to live exclusively from it. The publicity of the page and agreements such as the one he has with the sports newspaper  El Desmarque El Desmarque to offer information on current events in the world of football have helped him to be his own boss.

Without the need for a team, Ruiz assures that this project is not only his way of life: “It has helped me to gain experience in record time, so that job offers come to me and it opens many doors that otherwise would have been slow to open. , because the current state of computing in Spain is very competitive. There are few offers and, if you want to get something in the short term, you have to leave Spain yes or yes ”.

None of these achievements has come without its negative side. Beyond the work involved in running the web (as he explains, no more than 3 or 4 hours to update the status of the injured and about 5 or 6 to create a clone for an extraordinary competition), Ruiz has had to fit in insults more than once due to a habitual confusion: many users do not distinguish Comunio from Comuniazo and, when the game does not work well, some go to Ruiz to ask for an explanation.

In fact, there are those who think that it is Comuniazo who decides how many points each player receives and not the newspaper As, with the consequent tantrum in situations considered unfair. “When there is a good score, nobody tells you anything, but when the scores don’t convince people, they do come with the knife in their hand. It is one of the hazards of the trade,

With only a couple of weeks left until the Spanish soccer wheel turns again each week, Comuniazo’s father is already preparing for a new wave of visits that, as in the past, could cause him problems. “The most difficult thing has been the peaks of users ‘online’ at the same time,” he recalls. “I have had more than 80,000 users connected and there the server begins to falter ; it has cost me to take away enough hours of sleep at night to fix the issue, because I from server administration knew the basics ”.

He has received several offers on the web (“with a price quite far from what I consider to be more or less fair”), but his idea is to keep it in his possession. That and finish one day the Computer Science Degree that he abandoned as a bad student. 

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