Can a different driver return a rental car?

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Unless your rental agreement allows for another driver, you must return your rental automobile on your own. The primary and extra drivers indicated on the rental agreement can return rental cars at most rental businesses. See the table below for more information on who can return a rental automobile.

The majority of car rental firms in the United States have confirmed that additional drivers are permitted to return rented vehicles.

Most of the companies uses car rental systems to track and identify their drivers. If you are confused about the conditions of your rental agreement, contact your rental company before returning the vehicle.

Allowing someone who is not a party to the rental agreement to drive the rental car is a contract violation that will void your rental insurance.

The procedure for returning a rented car

In most cases, you return a rented car by parking in the return lot and handing over the keys to a designated place. Typically, you will not be required to present identification or sign any further documentation.

Before you or another driver returns the car, read the contract to make sure you know where and when to drop it off. If your rental agreement requires you to return the car with a full tank of gas, make sure you fill it up before returning it. Inspect the vehicle both inside and out for personal items and any damage and take photographs to document any issues.

Additional Driver Policies for Rental Cars

Most rental car companies ask you to register any extra drivers who will be driving the vehicle. That means your spouse, children, siblings, parents, coworkers, or friends can’t rent a car in your name unless they’re registered as an additional driver.

Reasons to Add Additional Drivers to Your License

The requirement to register additional drivers protects both the renter and the rental firm in the event of damages or accidents.

Typically, insurance only covers authorized drivers, whether it’s your own coverage or the insurance included with your rental. Allowing unregistered drivers to drive your rented car is also against the terms of the rental agreement. This may result in a fine or placement on a “Do Not Rent” list by the rental business. Returning the vehicle does not need identification, but you run the risk of an accident or insurance claim if the driver is not listed on the rental agreement as an authorized driver. Most rental firms do not demand a spouse’s ID or that they be named separately if it is a spouse.

To prevent extra fees while returning your rental automobile, follow about mentioned advice. When you return the vehicle, give it a thorough inspection, and make sure you pay any congestion or toll charges incurred during the rental time.

On rare circumstances, you may be able to add additional drivers for free. If you are the primary renter, you can allow additional drivers to use the vehicle for free if you meet the following criteria: They’re your spouse or partner, your employer or employee accompanying you on a work trip, or they’re driving for an unlicensed renter with a disability. A driver who does not match the aforementioned criteria must be added as an additional driver.

The principal renter is responsible for any damage to the rental car, regardless of who was driving at the time. This is another reason why renting a car for someone else is not allowed.

It has indicated as, you can return your rental automobile to someone other than yourself, but they must be a named driver on your rental agreement. Extra drivers on a rental agreement can increase prices, so discuss them with your rental provider and consider if they are truly necessary.

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