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We analyze the web to watch football for free online Atrespalos, a website with much more written content than its competitors rojadirecta or pirlotv so it is a recommended medium in its different names atrespalos, a tres palos or a3palos.     


By Iván García04/26/2021

Due to the difference in its format from other websites such as rojadirecta, we want to highlight and delve into Atrespalos: more than a free online football streaming website, an audiovisual information diary to watch football for free on the internet.

All about Atrespalos

The many streaming retransmission websites that we have seen in recent weeks in our blog have pros and cons, they are better or worse, but obviously, the founding projects such as rojadirecta or pirlotv are so strong that they cannot compete with the new websites that they appear. Although the case of Atrespalos is perhaps an exception due to its commitment to quality content.

Atrespalos com

In the network, there is a great competition of portals in which links are offered to be able to follow sports broadcasts live and totally free. Especially live football, although this is transferred to all kinds of sports, especially those that have a limitation in official sources where we can see their matches live. The clearest case is the NBA, which barely broadcasts 3% of the games played during the regular season and its official NBA Pass live broadcast program barely has 12,000 subscribers in Spain. is a sports portal, which, in addition to sports news of interest, also offers direct links to live sports broadcasts, especially dedicated to the Spanish public, such as the League, the UEFA Champions League and the Premier League, among others.

To follow the streaming of a sporting event, just go to the direct section and click on one of the links on offer. About 15 seconds later, the direct link to our live match will appear. There is no download, no need to register, or install any program.

You can also choose from several options when it comes to the audio associated with the broadcast.

Atrespalos legality

Legality is a controversial aspect in this type of portals in which links are offered for the viewing of live sports broadcasts. Unlike what happens with rojadirecta or even with the house of tiki taka, in Atrespalos we can find an infinity of written articles that analyze and present the events that will later be broadcast live from the same page. That is to say, broadly speaking, this portal is a perfect information medium for sports forecasts since a dozen articles are published daily that serve as a review of today’s matches or those of the next few hours.See copa libertadores tv for free

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Boca Juniors and Santos, a typical Libertadores game broadcast by Atrespalos (AP Photo and Daniel Luna)

And it is that the owners of the television rights for the different competitions allege that the retransmissions of these events by third parties violate the principles of unfair competition and intellectual property rights.

Some pages similar to Atrespalos, such as the house of tiki taka , have been involved in lengthy legal proceedings, when denounced by La Liga and MediaPro, the owners of the image rights of the La Liga matches, both in the First and the First League. Second division.

But these lawsuits usually last for several years, and to date there is no known case in which the user of this type of page has been convicted of a crime. The persecution of the authorities is not acting against users, but against the prohibition of this type of portals that offer direct links.

One of the most common justifications of the owners of these live sports broadcasting link portals is that their users would never make the payment of any amount to access the streaming.

Houses online gambling often do have signed different agreements with some of the competitions, so that their bettors access to live streaming, which does not happen with the parties of the Spanish league.

Other portals such as DAZN for free do offer streaming of different sports competitions, with the approval of them, such as the Premier League, the Euroleague, or the F1 and Moto GP world championships, among others.

What is not trivial at all is regarding security in these types of portals such as Atrespalos. And it is that this type of pages in which thousands of people access the links, you do not always have the desired level of security. And that is taken advantage of by the creators of malware and other viruses.

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Atrespalo programming

Although we will leave the soccer category, perfect for our soccer predictions , the other sections of correspond to the different sports that make up its catalog, and for which there is indirect coverage, through links. These sports are:

  • Basketball. The best basketball is also presented on, with direct links to follow the NBA, Euroleague, Endesa League and Eurocup games.
  • Motor. Section that includes both Formula 1 and the 3 major motorcycling events (Moto GP, Moto 2 and Moto3), as well as Indycar or Nascar.
  • Tennis. Tennis is not lacking on, both the men’s professional circuit, ATP, and the women’s, WTA circuit with all the famous tennis players in contention in the most important matches of the week.

In addition, at sports articles are also periodically published, with the most outstanding news and chronicles, especially those of the League and Champions League matches. You can also follow the league championship league table.

Atrespalos with direct football

But what has been said: if any of the Atrespalos sections has achieved unprecedented success, both for its broadcasts and for the quality articles that analyze the matches, that is the Football section. It includes all the relevant competitions, mainly Spanish League matches and full coverage of the UEFA Champions League, the Europa League and the most relevant European leagues such as the Italian, the German, the French and the English.

In addition, for two years, Atrespalos has incorporated the most outstanding women’s football matches and the matches of national teams, both the final phases and the qualifiers for the next World Cup.

Direct atrespalos

In the upper right part of the page you can see the section called DIRECT, through which you can access the list of live broadcasts at that time, or the next ones, in the event that there are not any in progress.Stare boxing matches

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The boxing matches in Atrespalos (AP Photo and John Locher)

A section that if visited at dawn during Spanish time, can be full of basketball events and boxing matches, in all your professional boxing organizations , or UFC. However, during daylight hours in Europe, the largest offer of broadcasts is related to professional football.

Atrespalos and Rojadirecta

Although as regards the catalog of sporting events in coverage, Roja Directa offers a greater volume and a greater variety of sports broadcasts, Atrespalos surpasses it in other aspects. 

Quality. The live broadcasts of football and other sports that can be found in Atrespalos never fail. There are rarely cuts, and if it is true that there is a delay, or lag of a few seconds, we can finally enjoy quality streaming without cuts, or connection failures. Nor is it necessary to periodically refresh or try other links.

With hardly any advertising. Another annoying sensation that abounds in some retransmissions that we can find on competitor portals, is the annoying advertising that redirects you to another page, or the pop-up advertising that does not allow you to view the game properly.

Finally and as a note to try to find more updated information on the Atrespalos portal, say that it has an official Twitter profile in which the matches to be broadcast and the content published on this website are updated daily. The address of the profile is @atrespaloscom. 

So although the enemies of these web pages have been able to ally themselves against that business model and have carried forward an idea that has no discussion: that initiatives such as rojadirecta should be prosecuted in the courts, in the case of Atrespalos the thing is a little different as we hope to have clarified in this article.

Cover photo : Neuer taking a penalty in 2013 against Chelsea (AP Photo / Petr David Josek)

* Article originally published on March 11, 2021 and updated regularly.

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