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7 Steps To Understand Mobile App Development Cycle In 2021

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Today’s world, calls for a modernized approach. An approach that can make a difference. Mobile applications development cycle are an integral feature of the world we are living in today. Advancements and the latest technology have submerged all of us towards a convenient lifestyle.

Mobile applications serve all kinds of purposes and they are a great feature for smartphone users. We have apps of all types, from banking to online shopping, anything and everything can be done through an application.

There are plenty of mobile app development services available, you can now get your desired application made within days. In this article, we will be looking into seven integral steps in a mobile app development cycle. Let’s start.

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Deep dive into the research

You may have great mobile app ideas for your businesses but the best way to take a kick start is to dive deep into the research. Research is very important. It helps you discover interesting factors that can comply with the development cycle. You should first know what your business is about and then sort out your competitors accordingly. Market research is extremely important as it lets you understand what your competitors are doing and how they are carrying out their marketing stages.

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After your research, you can collect the team of developers to start with the app development process.

Establish your goals

Setting up your goals is a crucial stage in the planning phase of your mobile app development. When you have determined your app and its basic findings then you will decide on a goal.

You should be able to know,

  • The problems your application will solve for the customers
  • Features that it will include
  • The core appeal of your application

Prioritizing the functionality of your app acts as a balancing act between your budget and the capabilities of your team. You need a team of experts to carry out the functioning of mobile app development.

Wireframes and storyboards

Creating wireframes and storyboards is the next step once you have planned your application. This will give a good idea about your application and its features. A dummy version, also called wireframes is there to show the features and layout of an app.

There are many tools to create wireframes, you can either use the tools or customize your design on illustrator. The call is yours. However, your goal is to develop a crisp picture of the ideas and features of an application fused into a functional app.

Backend workings

The wireframes you have created in the previous step acts as a guide for the developer. Your developer will make sure the backend of your app is working properly. Some integrations like data diagrams, servers, data integrations and push notifications to come under your developer’s domain. It needs to be spot on.

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Finalize and test your prototype

Once you are done creating the wireframes, it’s time to test the prototype. This will help you nail down any changes that are identified during the backend planning process. When your team has agreed upon the wireframes and you see know issues that need to be resolved. Then it is finally time to build an interactive prototype.

Creating a prototype is an integral step in the app development cycle. It gives an opportunity to evaluate your designing concepts, collect feedbacks and cover the loopholes.

You can also conduct a focus group study on your prototypes to have a better idea of the app. Adapt to the latest UI/UX to avoid any shortcomings in the future.

The development

Mobile app development involves many stages. There are several steps that you need to follow. You can either use an app development platform or a mobile BaaS provider. This way your developer will have a definite approach in setting up the app.

Always remember, the development part can take several days to complete. It is important to go through the app store/play store guidelines so that you don’t miss important procedures. If things are not implemented correctly, there is a chance to face rejection.

Programming and coding phase

When you move towards the programming and coding phase, make sure you establish a timeline for the deliverables. Make sure your designer is capable enough to create excelling mobile app altogether. Your user interface needs to be spot on. Moreover, the loading speed of your application matters a lot. Make sure your developer excels in enhancing the user experience.

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Test and launch

Testing is extremely important, after all, you need to check whether the app is functioning as planned or not. You are required to test the app in different real-world scenarios to sniff out and fix the technical loopholes. Test until you are sure about the launch.

Once you are done with all the steps, it’s time to launch your application. The launch of an app requires spot-on marketing strategies so that it reaches the desired target audience. You can also go for an SEO strategy or social media strategy to mark the ultimate success of your newly developed app.

Final words

Once you have successfully executed the steps to develop a mobile application, you are good to enjoy the perks of it. The above-mentioned points are important in the app development cycle. Have a look if you are planning to create an app or getting it created through an app development company. All the best!

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