5 IT Considerations for Enterprise Brands

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If you’re running an enterprise-level business operation, your IT should be a number one priority. The success and effectiveness of your network of websites are essential for remaining operational and continuing to scale your company. If you’re an enterprise leader, here are five critical IT considerations when securing, scaling, and managing your company’s network of websites.

Server Migration

Many small and medium-sized businesses will utilize VPS or shared hosting services to access reliable processing power for their sites. However, depending on the service you select, sharing a server with other companies may slow down your own site speed. Once your company has scaled to an enterprise level, migrating to a dedicated server is essential to secure and optimize your websites. Dedicated servers offer your company access to a well of high-speed processing power that you can effortlessly allocate to your sites as you see fit, making scalability painless and efficient. Server migration can boost your site speed and improve your overall security.


Site security is essential, especially if your enterprise stores large amounts of customer and company data. With dedicated server hosting, your site security is a top priority. Liquid Web’s dedicated server hosting solutions come with standard DDoS protection for “real-time monitoring to mitigate threats and shield your website and server from sudden attacks.” These services also include dedicated IP addresses and ServerSecure advanced security protection. With these security measures in place, your enterprise websites will be highly secured and continuously monitored for protection.  


For specific industries and international enterprises, 24/7 uptime is essential for maintaining the business. Your sites need to be fully protected from potential server failures. With dedicated server hosting, automatic failover systems are in place, so there is always a real-time copy of your site on a secondary server. This secondary server will automatically take over all site traffic in the event of a primary server failure. Maintaining a website with reliable and continuous uptime requires a flexible hosting solution.

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All successful enterprises will require expert IT teams to help them maintain an effective online presence and continue to do business efficiently. Hiring an in-house support team can be expensive and may not yield the results your business requires. With dedicated server hosting services, you not only get access to high-speed processing power, security, etc., but you will also gain the support of the Liquid Web expert technical team, who are there to support you and your network 24/7. This team will constantly monitor your sites to mitigate risk and optimize performance.


Successful enterprises will carefully consider the hard cost of each investment, resource, and service it requires for operation. The cost of traditional in-house servers to operate an enterprise network of sites is quite expensive. In-house servers need storage space, expensive hardware, and a dedicated team to operate and maintain them. Today, server hosting is much more cost-effective for growing businesses because your hosting service plan is tailored to your business, and you only pay for what you need. As your company grows, you can effortlessly allocate more or less processing power to any particular area of the business network you wish to scale. You get access to enterprise-level servers, and you get even more bang for your buck with access to the 24/7 IT team who are always prepared to support you and your network.

You will always search for opportunities to save money and build efficiencies as an enterprise. Dedicated servers are essential to running a high-speed, reliable network of business websites. If you’re looking for ways to improve your enterprise IT, consider the benefits of server migration.

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