advantages of maintaining a responsive website design

10 Ideal Advantages Of Maintaining A Responsive Website Design For The Business

The ranking of websites has become one rat-race where each of the digital brands is relying on the ruthless competition of being responsive and highly user-interactive for the end-consumers. As per the Google core update of 2015, the responsiveness of the website is another powerful factor that contributes to the top ranking of the website in the search engine results pages (SERPs).

There could be no two options to reflect the importance of responsive web design for businesses. But the algorithm of Google has changed everything for the digital brands and they now have to design the website for the mobile and web by keeping the factor of responsiveness in front.

You might be thinking that what it actually means by having a responsive website design? Well, if that’s how you are confused, then you have landed the right place. In this comprehensive blog post, we have compiled all the important information that you need to know about responsive website design. Let’s dive deep into the study.


Basically, the term responsive web design indicates the creation of web pages that could look absolutely amazing on every device. A page that is designed with the responsiveness factor is able to get fit in different screen sizes automatically.

Moreover, these responsive web designs have been divided into three main components; media query, web browser, and web interface. All of these elements are put together to design the website in a way so it could automatically scale itself to the matching screen sizes where it is being viewed. The viewers would not have to adjust their screen to view the content or images and the responsiveness factor would ultimately enhance the experience of the end-user.

And to perform this action flawlessly, one needs to have an outstanding team of developers and designers who could flip the code rightly. Here, you can take the help of expert designers from Web Design in Dubai and can show up with the efficiently maintained.


Since the businesses have gone commendably digital, this is highly important for online and digital brands to understand the essentiality of responsive web design. Development of the business while targeting all the platforms and screening sizes can help your enterprise to target potential customers worldwide.

A basic universal fact says the viewer of the website would only wait for up to three seconds. If the site doesn’t load in the meantime, the visitor would surely leave the page causing your business to face the loss of customers. Low traffic on the business page is also enough signal for Google to turn down the ranking. And obviously, none of the businesses wants this to happen.

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The increased use of smartphones is another factor that is insisting the digital businesses launch responsive versions of their websites. Below, we have compiled 10 great benefits of maintaining a responsive website design for business. Have a look at them and get your responsive website done as quickly as possible.

Increased Mobile Traffic:

Studies have shown that more than 60% of the global web traffic is usually generated from smartphones. Neglecting the responsiveness from the angle of mobile phone is not an option anymore and digitally running businesses should design their web pages by considering the increased mobile use. Understand that how many of your visitors would be visiting you from mobile devices and compare that number with your averagely visiting audience. Once your business website is compatible with the responsive version, you will notice enhanced traffic on your business’s website.

Lower Need Of The Maintenance:

With the help of a responsive version, this would become easier for your digital enterprise to manage the website’s maintenance. With web and mobile website versions, the staff of the development team would get divided and the resources would have to be managed among two websites. With the optimal layout on every screen, your mobile site would require some additional testing and support as well. This would have to get managed in the beginning and further it would become easy for the owners and consumers to spend less time on the maintenance including marketing and content creation.

Enhanced User Experience:

Another plus point of the responsive website is the enhanced user experience. With more than 6.378 billion people using smartphones, this is pretty clear that the audience is visiting web-based businesses via their smartphones. Be it the ordering process or the window shopping, the audience is now visiting the digital businesses on phone and doesn’t bother to open up the entire web device to scroll through the page. Launching the responsive version would also allow the end-consumers to enjoy the images, videos, and content without being interrupted by the frustrating high-resolutions.

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Quick Website Development:

Designing one responsive website would eventually take considerably lesser time than the making of the complete single mobile application. This needs to be noted that the standard desktop websites are usually having a higher maintenance and creation cost as compared to the mobile website. You can save money for the long run by launching a simple website for the mobile which is designed especially with the responsiveness factor. That initial investment and special configuration costs would not harm your business in the future and would generate a greater boost.

Simple Analytics For The Website:

The online running businesses and the brands that are having their web-based services must be knowing that from where the traffic is coming to their website. The way in which the audience is interacting with the website is really important to be known to make better decisions. To track down the performance efficiently, this is essential to have conversion paths, redirects guidelines, and funnels. Tools like Google Analytics would help you better here as they can cater to the operations of responsive websites effectively and you can see your website’s growth on each device.

Lower Bounce Rates With High Conversion Rates:

The bounce rate is calculated when the visitor leaves the website after seeing a single page only. A responsive website would help the visitors to stay longer on your website and navigate throughout the pages which would reduce the bounce rate. This boosts the user’s interest in your offerings as well. And this low bounce rate is inversely proportional to the conversion rats as they would go high. If the user would spend more time on your website, he would definitely create a sense of buying something from the page. Conversion rates of a responsive website are 64% higher than desktop-based sites.

Improved Speed Of Website Loading:

The users of mobile phones are likely to have shorter attention spans and they would leave the page instantly if it doesn’t get loaded in the meantime. Studies have also reflected that people abandon pages that take a longer time to load. However, once your website is compatible enough with the optimization and responsiveness, it would become easier for the customer to navigate properly. Make sure that your business URL is being highly optimized with performance strategies including caching to improve the page loading speed.

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Easy To Use With Powerful SEO/Backlinks At The Back:

The more responsive the website is, the more powerful its SEO would be! Just like the content strategy, it is important for the responsive website to have stronger backlinks for improved search rankings. Mobile optimized SEO sites would also help in avoiding the issues like duplicate content penalties and would impact your ranking positively. For the purpose of higher ranking, SEO and backlinks are two strong components but the search engine giant would only grant the higher ranks to those who could pass the mobile-friendly test.

Target A Larger Group Of Audience:

With the help of responsive internet-based sites, your business is more likely to have the chance to hit a larger group audience. Your business is more likely to get reached to the audience who are generally visiting the websites appearing on the top. Responsive media on your site works wonders for your enterprise once you implement it perfectly on the digital pages. From the search engine pages to the social media pages, make sure that every platform of your business is highly optimized with modern techniques so it could reach the audience in a better way.

Better Social Media Coverage And Credibility Of Business:

Designing such a website that is not only good with the page loading time but is also amazing with the responsiveness and settlement of screens is quite difficult. This is not a piece of cake to design the business site in an effective way. However, the responsiveness of your website would allow your business to become a part of 61% of social media activities that are taking place via mobile. The credibility and brand recognition of the business would also surpass the average level and your brand would be recognized as a worthy one due to its commendable appearance on mobile and desktop.


This detailed guide enlists the ten major benefits of having a responsive website design for the business. Such designs are aimed to make the web pages render a range of devices. From minimum to maximum, these designs can fit in each display and ensure easy usability. This web design thing has become one of the hottest topics around and it ensures to provide an outstanding experience to the users across all the platforms. Understand these benefits and get a mobile-web responsive website by today!

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